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    #Justice4Gemmel to Rally with #MeToo at Next WeHo Council Meeting

    #Justice4Gemmel coalition is joining the #MeToo March International for a press conference and a rally to make a stand with male survivors of sexual harassment, sexual violence and exploitation. The rally aims to break the silence around male victims. There will also be a call to arrest Ed Buck and demand justice for Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean. The event is taking place during the next West Hollywood City Council Meeting, on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 5:30pm – 6:30pm.

    The rally comes in light of recent allegations of sexual misconduct within Gay Men’s Chorus LA (GMCLA) involving Executive Director Jonathan Weedman and West Hollywood Mayor John Duran, we are announcing a press conference and peaceful rally to address a broader culture of complicity within West Hollywood.

    “For many of us who have respect for John Duran’s long legacy as a defender of LGBTQ civil liberties, we are disheartened to see his contributions dampened by alleged behavior,” read a press release by #MeToo March International. “Meanwhile, the fight for justice for all victims of Ed Buck continues. The proximity of Democratic leadership (including John Duran) to prominent Democratic donor- and alleged serial killer- ED BUCK is of concern to us all.”

    The demands of #Justice4Gemmel Coalition and #MeToo March are as follows:

    1. ARREST ED BUCK! End complicity by West Hollywood City in the sexual predation of black queer men, sex workers, and people in survival economies in our community! John Duran SPEAK UP about the crisis in your own West Hollywood!

    2. DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY of GMCLA creative director Jonathan Weedman and West Hollywood Mayor John Duran! Until results of a new thorough and UNBIASED investigation are complete, JOHN DURAN STEP DOWN from CITY COUNCIL! WEEDMAN STEP DOWN from GMCLA!

    3. IMPROVED PROTOCOLS throughout ALL City systems to build competency, and affirm the validity of male survivors of sexual harassment, sexual violence or exploitation.

    4. FULL TRANSPARENCY in City and GMCLA finances in proximity to sexual misconduct allegations to rule out that revenues were not misused, endangering GMCLA’s organizational stability and the credibility of City of West Hollywood.

    Jonathan Weedman’s contract with GMCLA was not renewed and his employment terminated by the Board of due to performance. According to a source at GMCLA, Weedman had been cleared by an external investigator around any misconduct allegations.

    Duran denies any wrongdoing and rejects the allegations made against him. He was taken to Cedars Sinai after experiencing chest pains yesterday. Sources close to him say he had a mild heart attack.

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