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    Jennifer Lopez Hits Sunset Strip to Check Out Netflix Billboard Promoting Atlas Movie

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    Jennifer Lopez recently posted a video showing herself on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood to check out two Netflix billboards promoting her latest movie, “Atlas.” One billboard reads “DON’T F WITH JLO,” and the other is more interactive, featuring a life-size replica of a mech from the film that has crash-landed at the former Cabo Cantina Mexican restaurant at 8301 Sunset Blvd.

    In the Instagram reel, JLo is seen looking through a car window, exclaiming, “Okay, here it is!” The video then shows a montage of Lopez smiling and playfully posing beneath both billboards. “Oh look, it’s smoking. It just crashed,” she says, encouraging viewers to watch the movie, which began streaming on Netflix on May 24.

    JLo in West Hollywood on the Sunset strip via @jlo on Instagram

    The crash landing display began construction on May 17. Netflix shared the finished billboard on May 23 via a post on X, captioned, “Any questions.” Lopez re-shared the photo, originally posted by her “Atlas” co-star Gregory James Cohan, on her Instagram Stories that evening.

    People magazine reports that Lopez recently returned to Los Angeles after a promotional tour in Mexico. During an “Atlas” panel, she dismissed a reporter’s question about rumors regarding her marriage to Ben Affleck, stating, “You know better than that.” Her co-star Simu Liu swiftly interjected, “Okay, we’re not doing that… Thank you so much, guys, we really appreciate it. Thank you.”

    In “Atlas,” Lopez portrays Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst with a deep mistrust of AI, who embarks on a mission to capture a renegade robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. Speaking to PEOPLE, Lopez discussed the character’s emotional complexity and her own personal connection to the role. “We are so different because she’s like… doesn’t wear any of her emotions,” Lopez said. “She’s so closed off and I am too much emotion sometimes.” She added, “But at the same time we are both very strong and sure of what they feel. At times. She was very sure. She was like, ‘This is what’s happening, please listen to me.’ And felt very misunderstood at times. I can also relate to that a bit.”

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    Mike Pingel
    Mike Pingelhttp://www.mikepingel.com/
    Mike Pingel has written six books, Channel Surfing: Charlie’s Angels & Angelic Heaven: A Fan’s Guide to Charlie’s Angels, Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman, The Brady Bunch: Super Groovy after all these years; Works of Pingel and most recently, Betty White: Rules the World. Pingel owns and runs CharliesAngels.com website and was Farrah Fawcett personal assistant. He also works as an actor and as a freelance publicist. His official website is www.mikepingel.com


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    Cy Husain
    Cy Husain
    15 days ago

    Remember this is a free Netflix movie as opposed to something you pay $15 at the theatre. Atlas is a marked improvement over Rebel Moon and Atlantic Rim that would be a fair comparison in the Netflix movie world. It’s more or less JLo doing Titanfall with the very well done CGI coming at you at the rate of good videogame play. Now if we had some naked JLo moments, it would of knocked it out of the park but, they had to keep it PG-13 to keep from winning at something. I like it because it triggers reactionary white… Read more »

    Jerome Cleary
    Jerome Cleary
    16 days ago


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