“It Was a Big Old Mess” – Street Fight Breaks Out on Santa Monica Blvd

street fight on Santa Monica Blvd - Instagram screen grab

“A major fight happened between a gay guy, A lesbian woman and two trans people, I believe in West Hollywood,” reads an Instagram post by Ramondo Taylor under the handle @pix_of_lyfe. “It was a big old mess,” he said of the street fight he witnessed on Santa Monica Boulevard in the heart of the WeHo’s Boystown/LGBT Rainbow District.

Taylor tells WEHO TIMES the incident happened on Santa Monica Boulevard in front of Greenwich Village Pizza on Wednesday morning around 2:25 a.m. (the pizzeria opens until 3 a.m.). His video captures a series of arguments between a group of people on the Boulevard. The arguments escalated to name calling and eventually a scuffle ensued. A metal platform used to hold menus was thrown at a male involved in the fight and he was eventually hit with a chair as well.

“I am a F**got and I’ll beat you up like a f**got b*tch,” the male screamed at a woman. “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.”

“They were calling each other names, throwing chairs and having a physical fight,” Taylor stated in his post. “They were pushing each other and punching each other. The gay guy pushed the lesbian woman down to the ground and pushed one of the trans people down to the ground also. The gay guy attacked the trans person that was on the ground and started hitting the trans person and dragged the trans person like 10 to 15 feet. The police arrived afterwards. It was just such an awful fight.”

A different scuffle occurred a few doors down, which appears to be related. A woman started screaming and pushing her way to confront another person.

“I’m not sure what the fight was about,” said Taylor. “No one was arrested. I did not notice any injuries at all. Paramedics were not called. The police was called after a while, but the police did nothing at all.”

To view the video in its entirety visit @pix_of_lyfe’s instagram account or click here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CZxxbFrpYF2/

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7 months ago

West Hollywood has gone to hell in a handbag. They all should have been cited for disorderly conduct and those who threw chairs and the menu holder should have been taken in for attempted assault. Instead the sheriffs arrive and cited no one there by sending approval of the behavior and ensuring it will happen again. This town is moving backwards.

Last edited 7 months ago by :dpb
Angry Gay Pope
7 months ago

No hair pulling!

7 months ago

This city is sure heading in the right direction (eye roll). What the hell is happening to us? We need to get rid of the current council and start in a new direction. They are dividing us..and they are winning.