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    Ingenue’s Drag World Vol. 6 – GOSSIP, GIRL

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    Today, it’s all about gossip, girl! I have too many juicy morsels to share that my little ears got to sink into while making my rounds in WeHo recently. “The time has come” for us to catch up on the T and the A, and by “A” I mean “All Stars.”

    By now, the whole world knows that “RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 3” is happening. In fact, as this article goes to print – err, hits the web, “All Stars 3” will wrap production. Truth be told, as soon as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 9 concluded, I was privy to the news that “All Stars 3” was gearing up. I know, I know. I should have reported it then. I can hear your gasps from Hamburger Mary’s all the way to The Abbey, but I was scolded – literally scolded – into secrecy by one of my sources. “She” shook her pointed finger at me, threatening to take away my license, much like that cop tried when I failed yet another breathalyzer. Ha! The joke was on him. I was in a parked car, but I digress. Yes, one of my sources threatened my reporter’s license and put the drag fear of Mother God into me. But not anymore!

    Dani Kay and Ingenue

    Alas where did I first see the “All Stars 3” cast list publicly? In an Andrew Christian email no less! Can you believe it? You know those daily emails where they tease that someone plays “penis pool” but they put an eggplant over his goods? Oh, that drives me nuts. No pun – yes, pun intended! I woke up one morning at the crack of 3pm, Irish coffee in hand, to see the subject line: LEAKED “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3” Cast. So, as the Hedda Hopper of WeHo, drum roll please! It seems that the cast includes the following RDR favorites … in alphabetical order: Trixie Mattel, Morgan McMichaels, Shangela, Milk, Darienne Lake, BenDeLaCreme, Kennedy Davenport, Chi Chi DeVayne, Thorgy Thor, and Aja. Ooops! I forgot to alphabetize. Well, I’m not a librarian, just a drag journalist. Therefore, I can also report that Valentina was slated to join, but it is unclear why she did not. I’m sure we’ll see her in “All Stars 4,” once she’s had a chance to enjoy that large booking fee. You go, chica! Lip sync for your – oh. Too soon?

    Now, as a woman who works in the drag world, I know a few things about other drag queens, drag performances, drag acting – you get the idea. Like you, my little mind started to run that list from top to bottom. Which drag queen has the chomps to make it through? Who can outfox the rest? Who has the best wardrobe? The most experience? The thirst? More importantly, who will win? Those questions swirled in my head, as the Stoli tonic swirled through my parched veins. Without hesitation, I knew the answer. Or did I?

    I hear an odds-on-favorite and supposed frontrunner gets booted fast! Sources say that during a previous season of “All Stars,” Michelle Visage herself leaned into Ru and questioned where this particular queen was, thinking she was an obvious choice. Instead, said queen turns up on this season and doesn’t win … or even make it to the top 3. Not even close! Let’s just say she goes home rather early. Far too early for her talent level.
    Speaking of, let me “Ru”veal more. Supposedly, the first episode revolves around some sort of a talent show, filmed in front of a studio audience. A what? Are they nuts? Were they expecting those folks to stay quiet, ‘cause they didn’t? Or was it a “Ru”se all along? We’ll find out quite soon. I am told the episodes will begin airing in January. VH1 obviously wants to capitalize on this juggernaut and because…

    The Emmy goes to … “RuPaul’s Drag Race”! Well, not yet. But it is nominated in several categories this year, including the big one – “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.” RuPaul is nominated again for “Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program,” which she won last year, and two little girls from our WeHo drag mafia are nominated as well.

    Now here’s the gossip! A little biRDie tells me that due to some uppity-up decision at the show Raven and Delta Work are unable to admit publicly that they are the Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for RuPaul and thus “Drag Race.” However, their names are listed as nominees for “Outstanding Makeup” and “Outstanding Hairstyling for a Multi-Camera Series or Special.” As you know from my premier article, I was the first to disclose to the world – yes me but other websites copied and pasted my article. Frickin’ plagiarizers. I disclosed that Raven was RuPaul’s new makeup artist. Now, I’m going on record again, because they cannot. So help me, West Hollywood, by shouting it from the rooftops … or the second floor of Micky’s. “Raven and Delta Work do RuPaul’s makeup and wigs!” And these talented SoCal bitches are nominated for an EMMY!!!!!!!!

    We wish them the best of luck at the ceremony. We wish “RuPaul’s Drag Race” the best of luck too, and we wish the contestants of “All Stars 3” the best of luck. Sadly, one front-running lady is already unlucky, but another one of my sickening favorites might win. Ahh, drag. With Emmy nominees among us and another queen just a breath away from that “All Stars” crown, I raise a glass to our drag hamlet. From my drag world to yours, that’s the gossip, girl.

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    Ingenue (pronounced “on zha new”) started her drag career 12 years ago right here in the heart of West Hollywood. Since then she has literally worked in every bar and nightclub in WeHo. Her most notable and current gigs include hostess of TigerHeat, emcee for the Dreamgirls Revue, “Legendary Bingo” co-hostess, and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” viewing party hostess for Gold Coast bar. Ingenue had the honor of receiving two back-to-back WeHo Awards for “Outstanding Drag Diva” and becoming one of WeHo’s first prom queens, “Sassy Prom Queen 2007.” Today, in addition to her nightclub gigs, Ingenue stars in the Indie Series Awards nominated web soap opera “Roads To Keystone,” on YouTube and at www.RoadsToKeystone.com.
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