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    Ingenue’s Drag World V. 9 – ‘Tis the Season For Thanks

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    Well, darlings, just when you promised yourself a much-needed period of sobriety after your multiple benders this past year, surprise!  The holiday season has returned.  I know, I know.  You feel as if you just stored those Pilgrim hats and ugly sweaters in the attic. 

    Too bad!  March back up there.  ‘Tis the season.  And ‘tis the time to be thankful.  It ‘tis, it ‘tis. Wow! 

    I’m thankful that lispy word is only spoken during the holidays.  So, as I pour us another adult beverage and get you back on the wagon, “the time has come” for me to give thanks.

    What is yours truly grateful for?  First up, as the Hedda Hopper of the WeHo drag scene, I must thank our readers.  Here at WEHO TIMES, we are overwhelmed with the outpouring of champagne toasts you have given us.  We are not yet a year old, but we have made a splash! We have over ten thousand twitter followers. 

    My first column became an international exclusive when I “Ru-vealed” that drag queen Raven was RuPaul’s new makeup artist, after Ru ousted long-time artist Mathu Andersen.  In fact, I was plagiarized by other publications.  If I weren’t so drunk half the time and spending all my money on heels, I would sue.  Scratch that!  Suing is so 80s.

    Okay, back to gratitude.  Speaking of RuPaul, I am thankful for “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  It has done the most in promoting drag awareness.  Because of it, drag is everywhere!  It’s more visible and more accepted.

    In fact, RuPaul won the EMMY again.  Its contestants are getting more than just a platform heel to stand on.  They are traveling around spreading the drag word. 

    Even local girls like me are going beyond the Cali border.  I took a field trip to the Motor City over the summer and performed at the legendary Gigi’s Cabaret, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Detroit icon herself … Nickki Stevens!  More on this fabulous lady and her club in a future column.  Can’t thank her enough.  Boy, it was a great time. 

    Speaking of boys, so many boys have come forward and embraced their alter she-gos.  Keep it going, girls.  I love seeing you strut down WeHo’s hallway — my term you’ll recall for the sidewalk outside the bars.  Thanks, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  Drag is everywhere because of you.

    Ooo, that leads me to more gratitude.  Thank you, West Hollywood!  Thank you for providing us with a city run by gay people for gay people and all the letters of the LGBTQ community.  In WeHo, we get to party in gay clubs, work in gay clubs, and be gay in gay clubs.  Yes, divas, you can!  No sass about bars that allow our straight allies to come play with us.  Why wouldn’t they want to?  Our bars are packed, and our nightclubs are rocking.  In fact, we have Bottega Louie and Rocco’s Sports Tavern joining our hamlet. 

    On a personal note, I thank West Hollywood for employing us fierce ladies.  As I mentioned in my first column, there are a bazillion shows and events per week that feature drag queens in WeHo alone.  From 5 Bingos a week at Hamburger Mary’s to Saturday Brunch Service at The Abbey, WeHo queens, “you better work”!  For these reasons and more, we are thankful for the gay capital of the Best Coast!  Thanks, WeHo!

    Besides nightclubs, I am also thankful that drag queens are embraced in “the industry,” as we Angelenos call it.  Girls are finding gigs in television, film, and music. 

    Hysterical movies like “Cherry Pop” on Netflix featured an entire cast of drag faves.  Scenestealer Latrice Royale even played a straight guy whose wife catches him at a drag show. 

    “Legendary Bingo” hostess Roxy Wood bounced up on the small screen by appearing in “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and by playing a drag role opposite Michelle Dockery on TNT’s “Good Behavior.”  Look out, Lady Mary!  Roxy is coming for you! 

    And new queen on the block VIZIN continues to bridge the gap between drag and mainstream music. 

    This Native American drag queen is already working with world-renowned folks like DJ Hector Fonseca and Chris Rosa.  Is knocking Swifty off the top spot next? 

    Thank you, queens, for keeping drag flourishing in all aspects of entertainment.

    So there you have it.  Just when you thought it was safe to close the liquor cabinet, ‘tis the holidays once again.  Embrace that bottle as I’m doing right now and be grateful your liver made it another year.  I am truly thankful this year.  As I have said to folks who ask how I am, I’m living a great life.  And it’s because of the gratitude I feel to WeHo, RuPaul, the industry, you readers, and my fellow queens.  Thank you for keeping drag alive.  And thank you to my bartenders for not judging me … and for security guards for not throwing me out … and gogo dancers who give me the best bang for my one buck … and – hmmm.  I think that’s it.  It ‘tis, it ‘tis.  ‘Tis my drag world … and I’m damn grateful! 

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    Ingenue (pronounced “on zha new”) started her drag career 12 years ago right here in the heart of West Hollywood. Since then she has literally worked in every bar and nightclub in WeHo. Her most notable and current gigs include hostess of TigerHeat, emcee for the Dreamgirls Revue, “Legendary Bingo” co-hostess, and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” viewing party hostess for Gold Coast bar. Ingenue had the honor of receiving two back-to-back WeHo Awards for “Outstanding Drag Diva” and becoming one of WeHo’s first prom queens, “Sassy Prom Queen 2007.” Today, in addition to her nightclub gigs, Ingenue stars in the Indie Series Awards nominated web soap opera “Roads To Keystone,” on YouTube and at www.RoadsToKeystone.com.
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