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    Ingenue’s Drag World: State of the Drag Union Address

    In regards to makeup, fellow drag friend of mine, Jewels A. Plenti who celebrates her 14th drag anniversary this year, reminded me of how secretive queens were.  “Back in our day,” she giggled, “remember how no queens would share their makeup tips?” I had forgotten about that!  It was so true!  I remember asking a rival of mine what foundation she used.  She scoffed as if I asked for her PIN number while holding her debit card.  Back then, without close drag friends, makeup tips were like drink tickets.  No one was sharing!

    Today, we have what was just a wee-website back then, and it is called YouTube.  Now, the professional makeup artists are literally at your manicured fingertips.  Or, do a Google image search for “drag makeup,” and poof!!  There’s Jessica Wild!  And, with FaceTime or Instagram, you can even watch your most fave queen do her beloved “cut crease” eye design while giving you the dish.  No wonder our new queens look more polished.  They have an endless supply of resources right on that glowing rectangle they call a cell phone.

    So there you have it, my drag citizens.  The state of our drag union!  It’s alive!  It’s alive!  Twelve years after I started my career, and we have literally taken drag “out of the closet.”  There’s “Drag Race,” DragCon, the Internet, and our very own drag-filled hamlet of WeHo.  It’s a great time to be a drag queen!

    So mosey on over to Ross “Cross Dress” For Less and get your very own little black velvet dress with Marabou feathers.  Order those size 12’s on Amazon, since the stripper shoe stores on Hollywood Boulevard are disappearing.  And prop up that phone next to your makeup mirror and beat that mug using the Internet.

    And when you strut down “the hallway,” as I call that stretch of sidewalk in WeHo from Trunks to Robertson, applaud those queens who take the mic and use some of my schtick.  They’re keeping drag alive.  And so are you!  Whether you’re a fan or a participant, we are experiencing the Golden Age of Drag!  And what a great time to lighten up the masses with a little Marabou, a little Wet ‘n Wild, and a whole lotta pride!

    Happy 12th Anniversary to Me and my … drag world!!!!!!!

    *A quick shout-out to my co-star at “Roads To Keystone,” Christopher Smith.  His first musical is hitting the Fringe Festival this month.  It’s called “Feet First,” about roommates who are planning a foot orgy only to dive into a new adventure “feet first.”  It’s dirty fun!!  Check it out:  www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4412



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    Ingenue (pronounced “on zha new”) started her drag career 12 years ago right here in the heart of West Hollywood. Since then she has literally worked in every bar and nightclub in WeHo. Her most notable and current gigs include hostess of TigerHeat, emcee for the Dreamgirls Revue, “Legendary Bingo” co-hostess, and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” viewing party hostess for Gold Coast bar. Ingenue had the honor of receiving two back-to-back WeHo Awards for “Outstanding Drag Diva” and becoming one of WeHo’s first prom queens, “Sassy Prom Queen 2007.” Today, in addition to her nightclub gigs, Ingenue stars in the Indie Series Awards nominated web soap opera “Roads To Keystone,” on YouTube and at www.RoadsToKeystone.com.
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