Here’s a Look Inside 50 Million Dollar West Hollywood Penthouse Condo

50,000,000 West Hollywood Penthouse

Architectural Digest got a look inside a 50,000,000 penthouse at 8899 Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood. A tour bring us high above West Hollywood inside this stunning 10,000 square ft home with unbelievable architecture and an outdoor space offering an incredible 360-degree view.

8899 Beverly is a collection of 40 Tower Residences and 8 Rosewood Houses in the heart of West Hollywood’s Arts and Design District. It fits among the most walkable and vibrant neighborhoods in LA.

On par with the most noteworthy penthouses in the world, these bespoke single-family estates are entirely steel-and-glass enclosures on a 17” thick concrete floor plate, perched above the 8899 Beverly tower with commanding 360-degree views.

Check out the tour by Architecture Digest below:

A West Hollywood penthouse condo recently made headlines for selling for a whopping $21.5 million. It’s the highest-priced condo sale in Los Angeles County so far this year. It’s the fourth highest selling in Los Angeles.

The unit covers 6,301 square feet which makes it bigger than the vast majority of stand-alone homes. This outdoor space offers a 2,782-square-foot wraparound terrace overlooking L.A.

The high-selling penthouse takes up the entire 10th floor of the Pendry Residences West Hollywood, a hotel-condo hybrid that was built on the former site of the House of Blues. It was opened by Montage Hotels & Resorts. It was sold as a design-ready unit, meaning the buyer will be able to choose the layout and design.

The $500-million complex has already set multiple records, including a 2,681-square-foot unit that sold last year for $13 million. That’s $4,848 per square foot, making it the highest price per square foot in the history of L.A. condo sales. (The latest Pendry sale works out to $3,412 a square foot.)

The 8899 Beverly Boulevard Complex will beat that record if the penthouse sells for its 50 Mil asking price.

To learn more and see photos of the 8899 Beverly Boulevard condos visit:

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4 days ago

It’s like a wework

Angry Gay Pope
11 days ago

Another bloated citadel to the super-rich. You get rich in one of two ways: 1 – Win the birth lottery 2 – Exploit the middle class and rip them off so your children can win the birth lottery Fortunately there are five low income housing units on the ground floor. Unfortunately I was letting a super rich guy named MARTIN I met on Grindr stay in my (rent controlled) apt for a while because he was sick of staying single nights in expensive hotels. He was planning on moving into the pendry and had signed paperwork. But things were still… Read more »

10 days ago
Reply to  Angry Gay Pope

A.G.P., don’t be jealous that some people made better life choices, or some people were just genetically luckier. No one said life or our system was fair to all. It isn’t. I wonder if the “public housing” at the Pendry has the “poor door”, where the poor free-loaders enter around the back, and the millionaires who paid for the building, get to enter in the luxurious front entrance. Usually the buildings agree to build that poor housing in some far off location, so the millionaires (who paid for the building), don’t have to ride up in the elevator with someone… Read more »

11 days ago

Very sterile and very cold. Doesn’t seem like a home but more like an office.