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    HomeNewsGracias Madre West Hollywood Launches Plant-Based Cookbook

    Gracias Madre West Hollywood Launches Plant-Based Cookbook

    Gracias Madre West Hollywood, located at 8905 Melrose Avenue launched a cookbook earlier this month, which became available August 9, 2022. The plant-based restaurant celebrated it’s launch on August 14th with reception in their patio. The ticketed event offered the cookbook, cocktails, some bites, a 25-dollar gift card and a cocktail demo by Maxwell Reis.

    Gracias Madre is a plant-based restaurant that was founded in San Francisco and has since opened a flagship location in West Hollywood, in addition to Newport Beach.

    The cookbook is available through Penguin Random House:


    The fresh, bright flavors of Mexico and Southern California, adapted for the plant-based home cook, from one of L.A.’s favorite restaurants.

    It’s no surprise that Gracias Madre has its roots in giving gratitude. Gracias Madre means thank you, Mother in Spanish, and the phrase encapsulates the mission of this Cali-Mexican eatery, which is to serve the L.A. community and give people fresh food made with integrity from ingredients grown with love. Go figure that, in California, love is a taco.

    Mexican food is, in many ways, one of the original vegan cuisines. Before the Spanish conquistadores brought with them new ingredients, including many dairy products, the Mexican pantry centered on what’s called “The Three Sisters” in Mesoamerican culture: beans, corn, and chiles. By embracing these workhorses, layering in chile- and spice-filled salsas and moles, and experimenting with creative whole-food twists on traditional meat fillings (mushroom carnitas and al pastor, jackfruit mixiote, dehydrated hibiscus) as well as nut-based cheeses (cashew crema and queso blanco, almond cotija), the menu is filled with well-loved Cali-Mexican classics. With 125 simple, entirely plant-based recipes for the home cook, including Calabaza and Onion Quesadillas, Coliflor with Cashew Nacho Cheese, and Coffee Flan, The new Cookbook is a vegetable-forward dive into one of the world’s most delicious cuisines.

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