Go-Go Dancer of the Month May 2017: Reza @ Fubar


West Hollywood’s sensational GO-GO Dancers perform all year round to titillate and delight locals and tourists. We have more GO-GO Dancers per square mile than any other city in America and we celebrate their effort, talent, hard work, hard butts and hard abs with our GO-GO Dancer of the Month feature.

Photos by Forrest Leo / forrestleophotos.com

May 2017: Reza @ Fubar

A native Angelino, Reza is a Capricorn and single with a degree in philosophy. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo he began his career as an Executive Recruiter but hated the “cubicle life”. He quit his 9 to 5 to become a full-time dancer about two years ago. Reza lives in Los Angeles and has danced at The Abbey, Micky’s and currently at The Adonis Lounge @Fubar.

Follow Reza on Instagram @Rezzzv

WEHO TIMES asked Reza some questions.

You can find his answers below.

WEHO TIMES: What do you consider your single hottest feature? 

Reza: My Persian nose.

WT: What’s the largest tip you’ve received from one person? 

R: I’ve had it rain 100’s on me.

WT: Best drink to get your dance on?   

R: Vodka tonic – gotta maintain my calorie limit.

WT: Celebrity you’d most want to dance for? 

R: Sean James.

WT: One word to describe Donald Trump?

R: Arrogant!


7994 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 654-0396


Adonis Lounge is the #1 Gay Strip Club/Show in the country with shows running concurrently in LA, NYC and Palm Springs weekly.  While there is no nudity allowed of course, we do implement strip routines and acts throughout many of the shows.  We have built the Adonis brand and our reputation by having the largest, most diverse and hottest lineups of 20+ dancers per show, which always include some Adonis exclusive dancers, Guest Stars, Porn Stars and other newly discovered talent from around the country and the world.  

Adonis Lounge LA shows are held weekly at Fubar every Wednesday and Sunday night with shows starting at 10 p.m. 

Come on in and check out an Adonis Lounge show where you can have access to the largest lineups and hottest dancers under one roof.  And like we always say, if you ain’t sinning, you ain’t winning!”

– Matt Adonis




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Marco Colantonio is a longtime West Hollywood resident and community activist, former West Hollywood Disabilities Advisory Board member and founder/publisher emeritus of WEHO TIMES.
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