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    HomeGo Go Dancer of the MonthGo-Go Dancer of the Month January 2018: Jase Austin Grimm at Fubar

    Go-Go Dancer of the Month January 2018: Jase Austin Grimm at Fubar

    photos by Davide Laffe

    West Hollywood’s sensational GO-GO Dancers perform all year round to titillate and delight locals and tourists. We have more GO-GO Dancers per square mile than any other city in America and we celebrate their effort, talent, hard work, hard butts and hard abs with our GO-GO Dancer of the Month feature.

    Meet Jase Austin Grimm

    “What’s good West Hollywood? My name is Jase Austin Grimm, born in NorCal, corn-fed in Iowa and currently residing in Silver Lake. I’m a total Aries and born in the year of the dragon which makes me strong willed and stubborn.

    My partner Jeff Rasul, who hosts events all over LA, and I have been together for over a year and I attribute that to our very open and honest relationship.

    I’ve only been dancing for about 18 months and Fubar is my favorite club to work at in WeHo!

    By day I am a private/event chef and caterer, and go-go dancing is just one of many extracurricular/exhibitionist activities that help pay the bills.

    Follow me on Instagram @jasegrimm for my go-go schedule as well as examples of my culinary prowess! I hope you’re hungry…”  -Jase

    WEHO TIMES asked Jase some questions. 

    You can find his answers below.

    What do you consider your single hottest feature?

    My Madonna-power-gap-toothed-smile.

    What’s the largest tip you’ve received from one person? Girl or Guy?

    I got tipped a hot tamale one time and real talk was the greatest tip I’ve ever received.

    Best drink to get your dance on?

    LA Tap Water.

      Favorite thing to do on your day off?

    Smoke a bowl, go for a run and play my ukulele.

    Celebrity you’d most want to dance for?

    Gordon Ramsay, but only to make him insanely uncomfortable.

    New Years’ Resolution if you have one?

    I want to focus on improving my mind and my creativity as opposed to only working on my body-ody-ody.

    One word to describe Donald Trump?



    Find Jase ar Fubar and on Instagram

    Fubar – 7994 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood

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