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    Go-Go Dancer of the Month for February 2018: Pipo Valderrama – Revolver Video Bar

    Meet Pipo Valderrama, our Go-Go Dancer of the Month for February 2018, from Revolver Video Bar in West Hollywood. Valderrama, who goes by the singular name Pipo, is fairly new to Los Angeles. He’s a professional dancer following his dream to one day run his own production company dealing with dance, music videos and collaborating with other artists.

    Pipo (which literally means pooch–a nickname he got from when he had a poochy belly as a kid) is living it up in West Hollywood and he’s up for anything the city has to offer, but he says it all really boils down to making a personal connection.


    Where are you from?

    How long have you been living and playing in West Hollywood?
    One month. I just moved here from Miami where I lived for over two years.

    What’s your take on WeHo?
    I love it. I love the energy, the people. It’s a lot like Miami. It’s the same ambiance with a different climate. I love it. I love it.

    What’s your astrological sign?

    What do they say about Leos?
    Leos are daring. We throw ourselves into everything. We are warriors. Defenders. Hard workers. Fighters. Jealous. And very sentimental.

    What’s your relationship status?
    At the moment, I’m getting to know a guy. You can say we’re dating. For now. Anything can happen. I’m the type of person who lives for the moment. I enjoy the moment in the moment and if it doesn’t work—next!

    How long have you been dancing?
    I’ve been dancing since I was 15-years-old professionally, but I loved to dance since I was nine. I started in Panama for different dance companies. In 2015 I moved to Miami. I’ve done work for Telemundo, Univision Sabado Gigante, Don Francisco Presenta. I’ve been in music videos and worked for Laura Pausini, Pitbull and other artists.

    How long have you been a go-go Dancer?
    I started doing it again in 2017. I was a go-go dancer in the past, but I stopped doing it to solely focus on dancing professionally. Now I continue to do professional dancing, but I’m also back in the the world of a go-go dancer.

    At what point does go-go dancing become work for you?
    The most difficult thing about being a go-go dancer for me is when the DJ is really bad. Sometimes the DJ makes us work when they play a song that is bad, when it’s too slow and you want it to take you, but it’s impossible. I want to get into it and hit it hard. I’ve always had a good connection with the public. I love watching them. Greeting them. Laughing with them. It’s part of what I love the most.

    Does your mother know you dance?
    Yes. Yes. She knows it all.

    What does she think about your go-go dancing?
    In the beginning she was not pleased. I told her, ‘mother, I need to work. I need to make money. If I don’t do it, then you’ll have to support me.’ She said, ‘That’s true. You do need to work.’

    What goals do you have for yourself?
    My dream is have my own production company and tackle many formats–be they for dancers, music videos. I’d love to manage various artists and even do some choreography, because that’s also something I do. So choreography for dancers in music videos for various artists are all part of my life goals.

    What’s do you consider your hottest physical feature?
    My legs and my ass [laughs].

    What’s the biggest tip you have ever gotten?
    Three hundred dollars.

    What’s it like dancing at Revolver Video Bar?
    I love it. I really enjoy it. I don’t look at it as work, but more like having fun. I love to entertain. I have to be entertained in order to entertain others. If I have negative energy or if I feel sad, the people who come here will feel it as well. So I try to enjoy myself first, so that everyone else can feel it through me. Then it becomes fluid. It’s more natural.

    How do the people respond to you?
    They laugh. They have fun. They dance. I make them dance with me. They enjoy themselves.

    What are people surprised to learn about you?
    I don’t have any secret skills where I do backward flips or anything like that. I think people are surprised by my ability to make connections with them. It’s something that not many dancers posses–the ability to connect. It’s not like people see me dancing and then they walk off because they are bored. I like to connect with them and keep their attention. I don’t do anything extraordinary, but I think people are surprised when we make a connection. Connecting with others is very important for me.

    What are you doing for Valentines Day?
    I’m going to Las Vegas with this boy that I’m seeing and plan to have a good time there. The truth is, this is the first Valentine’s Day where I will spend it with someone I’m dating. I’ve always been single.

    Connect with Pipo Valderrama at Revolver Video Bar West Hollywood on Thursdays and Fridays. Revolver Video Bar is located on 8851 Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of WeHo’s Boystown.

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