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    Meet Trey, our go-go dancer for the month of August. Trey dances all over West Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area. We met up with him at Rage Nightclub West Hollywood for a sweaty photoshoot and probing Q&A.

    Trey brings a mixture of a southern twang, exotic looks, big muscles and smarts to match. The guy has a BA in Chemical Engineering to prove it.

    Where are you from?
    I’m originally from Alabama. I moved here back in January. I was getting flown out here to dance for a little over a year. I finally decided to move. It’s a lot easier than flying back and forth. I love it here.

    You look very exotic. What’s your ethnic background?
    Everybody thinks I’m Latino, but I’m actually half Vietnamese and the other half is white. I go to the tanning beds a lot, so I’m normally a lot lighter than this.

    What’s your astrological sign?

    What’s your relationship status?
    I am single.

    How long have you been dancing?
    I’ve been dancing for about a year and a half now.

    What’s it like dancing at Rage Nightclub?
    I love it. I’m always out in the scene and I get paid. Most people have to pay to go out, but I get paid to come out and party. I dance all over the city for other clubs as well.

    At what point does go-go dancing become work?
    It can be work when you’re dancing five nights a week, but it’s still a lot of fun.When I first started dancing I was nervous. I mean, you’re up there in your underwear. Anybody would be nervous, but you get used to it after a while and it’s a lot of fun.

    What goals do you have for yourself?
    I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering in May. I have that degree, so I’m just doing this for fun. Dancing got me to L.A., so now that I’m here. I would like to eventually find a job in that field. That’s my goal.

    What’s your hottest physical feature?
    I don’t know…

    What’s your physical umm… asset that gets the most compliments?
    Probably my ass. Also my smile.

    What’s the largest tip you ever received from a guy?

    What’s the largest tip you ever received from a woman?
    I would say $20.00

    What do you drink to get you in a dancing mood?
    My favorite alcoholic drink is a shot of vodka. I chase it with some lime.

    What is one thing that people are surprised to learn about you?
    People are surprised to learn that I have a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and that I’m still doing this. But I’m dancing just for now.

    You can find Trey on Facebook under Trey Morrison. Follow him on Instragram under the handle @trey_stagram 

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