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    Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers are OUT! WeHo’s Code Enforcement is Addressing ‘Good Neighbor’ Policies

    The City of West Hollywood’s Neighborhood and Business Safety Division’s Code Enforcement team are cracking down on the use of gas-powered leaf blowers and enforcing other ‘good neighbor policies, in an effor to maintain neighborhood livability by being responsive to complaints and concerns received from the community.

    To respond to an uptick in community concerns, the City is increasing outreach to residents and property owners to remind them:

    • Leaf-Blowers — The use of gas-powered leaf-blowers by residents or gardeners is prohibited; electric or battery-operated leaf-blowers are the only leaf-blowers permitted in the City of West Hollywood. Violations found by Code Enforcement Officers will result in the issuance of citations ranging from $100 to $500, with a $75 administrative fee applied.
    • Trash and Recycling Bins — Leaving trash and recycling bins next to the curb indefinitely is prohibited. Bins may only be placed at the curb after 5:30 p.m. the day before collection; they must be at the curb by 6 a.m. on collection day and removed by 8 p.m. on collection day. Violations may result in a fine ranging from $250 to $1,000, with a $75 administrative fee applied.
    • Overgrown Parkways/Hedges — Vegetation that is not cut back and extends into the sidewalk or street areas causes an obstruction for pedestrians and vehicles. More importantly, this prevents and/or hinders pedestrians and people who use a wheelchair or a walker from properly accessing sidewalk areas. Allowing vegetation to protrude into sidewalks and streets is a violation and may result in a fine ranging from $250 to $1,000, with a $75 administrative fee applied.
    • Bulky Items — For large items that need to be picked up, call Athens Services at 1-888-336-6100. You can also email your request (including the item to be picked up, address, contact information, etc.). Make sure to place your item on the curb on your regular trash day after scheduling pickup. Athens also has an online Bulky Item form, available at https://athensservices.com/bulky-item-pickup/.

    The City’s Code Enforcement team actively addresses a range of residential neighborhood concerns, such as noise; property maintenance; vacant properties; construction; zoning (short-term rentals and land use activities); and impediments in the public right-of-way (sidewalk, parkway, alley, or street). Community members who may have concerns are encouraged to reach out to the City’s Code Enforcement team by submitting a Service Request, which is a first step in investigating potential violations of the Municipal Code. The primary goal of Code Enforcement is to gain voluntary compliance so that residents better understand their responsibilities in maintaining their properties and preserving quality of life.

    Service requests may be submitted on the City’s website at www.weho.org/servicerequest or by using the City of West Hollywood Official App, which may be downloaded on an Apple device from the iOS App Store or as an Android App on Google Play; search for “West Hollywood Official App.”

    Complaints or questions may also be submitted through the Code Enforcement hotline at (323) 848-6516 or email at [email protected]. When reporting a complaint, please include the address, the day of the week, and the approximate time when the use of a gas leaf blower was observed. If you wish to receive a call back, please also leave your contact information.

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    WeHo Resident
    WeHo Resident
    8 months ago

    I wish the city would crack down on far more important issues. Gas leaf blowers should be at the bottom of the list along with prostitution and vehicles with expired or no registration tags.

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