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    Dog Allegedly Stolen in WeHo Gets Happy Reunion After Missing Report

    Vanessa Chen alleged that her dog Han-Hua was stolen from a Ralph’s parking lot in West Hollywood, located at 9040 Beverly Blvd on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at roughly 10:13 a.m. “Someone saw a man take him and immediately drive away in his van,” she posted on her social media platforms that was shared to the community. “I filed a police report already but I’m hoping that by posting online, someone might have some advice or info for me.”

    She described Han-Hua as a red toy poodle who is 9 months old and around 7 pounds. “He was wearing a blue harness when he was stolen… His fur is currently more curly and looks closest to the last picture. Any advice is much appreciated! Please help me bring him home, I’m so worried about him 😭.”

    Community member Tara, a West Hollywood resident in the Norma Triangle area, says she found Han-Hua running on Santa Monica Boulevard roughly 8 blocks away from the WeHo Ralphs. “My sister, my mom and I were walking Along Santa Monica Boulevard by Maple Drive and we saw this little toy poodle come running on the lawn and ran out into the traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard. He ran out onto the yellow divider all the way to Beverly,” she told WEHO TIMES. “My sister and I raced after him. Some people were circling in cars and we chased him all the way to the UTA Building. He was cornered at the UTA Building a security guard grabbed him.”

    Tara and her sister immediately took Han-Hua to a pet hospital to see if he was chipped, only to find that he was not chipped (he did not have a collar either). The sisters spent most of yesterday walking the flats on Beverly Boulevard trying to find the owner. They connected with a dog walker who reached out to a dog rescue and they got the word out on social media.

    “By this morning through all of that, we found out that a police report had been filed,” she said. “We had contacted the Beverly Hills police because that’s where we found the dog. I contacted the WeHo police and through that, we found out it was filed at the West Hollywood Ralph’s and they gave us the owner’s number. We called the owner and we asked the owner to bring proof that this was their dog.”

    Han-Hua’s human companion gave them vet records and it was clear the dog knew the person.

    “We reunited the dog and his owner this morning,” she said. “It is nothing short of a miracle that the dog is alive.”

    Tara says it is not yet clear if the dog was taken or if he jumped out of the car window while their human companion was shopping at Ralph’s. She credits the efforts of individuals in the West Hollywood community, social media and animal lovers for the happy reunion.

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    1 year ago

    Hmmm, the whole story sounded pretty fishy (except the very kind people who spent all of that time tracking the dog and owner). If it jumped out the window, why was the window down that much? Although you aren’t supposed to leave your dog unattended in the car for many reasons including heat, and some can actually manage to shift gears, I realize the temperatures right now aren’t too hot, but it’s still a bad practice. On a side note, people who tie their dogs outside of a grocery whilst they pop on for a moment, aren’t too bright either.… Read more »

    Jimmy palmieri
    Jimmy palmieri
    1 year ago

    There should be a fine for people that do not have their dog chipped. BE A RESPONSIBLE DOG PARENT!!! OR DONT GET A DOG.

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