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    Daddy Issues

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    When a sexy young man looks at you and calls you “daddy,” believe me, the intent is lustful–not derogatory. Own it. It’s a compliment. They’re saying “yum-yum gimme some.” Yes, you’re older. You’re a daddy. The sooner you accept it, the more fun your life is gonna be.

    Some like younger, some like older, or their own age. There are those gays who date their look-a-likes. (I call them the five-tens; similar looking guys, who are similar in height, and can swap clothes and shoes at will.) Then there are those with veracious appetites who like everything. Some have very specific tastes. Myself, I like international supermodel-spies. It all balances out. There’s lotsa’ fish in the sea, and when you’re the right bait to catch, what you like, all is great in the gay world.

    Remember gays are always “looking without looking”. It’s a polished skill we’ve developed since adolescence; at first, we look with just our eyes, then raise our head for eye-to-eye contact.

    When you meet someone “younger”, don’t think too hard, just let it happen. If there’s an attraction, a mutual like, or a piqued interest, don’t feel awkward about being “older.” He most likely doesn’t feel awkward about being “younger”. It’s the universe talking. Listen, and let the planets align. The only thing you should feel is good.

    “Older” is just a category, not an insult nor a judgement, just where you are in life. You are where you are and they’ll be where you are. Sometimes only “older” realizes that truth though. So, when younger guys want to throw shade and claw out at you and say, “well you’re old,” they’re just being myopic, and certainly not being clever.

    Ok, when you’re on a hook-up app, remember that any sense of propriety can disappear at the flash of a dick pic. Develop a thick skin and take everything with a grain of salt, or you’ll never succeed. Let’s say you’ve been chatting and exchanging pics with a “younger.” If he’s still chatting, he’s into you, but you may still have your doubts. If it’ll make you feel better, at some point into the chat just ask, “you like older?” There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking that. The response will most likely be “yes,” and for many different reasons. One common response if you ask why they they like older is often: “Cuz you know what you’re doing!” What’s hotter than that?

    Beard or temples, If you’re silver and you got it, flaunt it. It’s the same at any age. Make the best of what you have. That’s where the success lies. It’s where your confidence will bloom. It’s like when you start to work out; if you start mentally pointing at bodies and thinking, “that’s what I wanna look like.” Unless you have a similar skeletal frame or share some of the same DNA as your object of admiration, it ain’t gonna happen, and you’ll just be continually frustrated and never satisfied with the way you look.

    Everyone has something special and unique to offer. Physical, emotional, material, different skills, and talents. How boring would it be if we served up the same thing to each other? Younger and older, tall or short, ambitious or chill–opposites do in fact attract.

    When Marilyn Monroe sang “cause my heart belongs to daddy,” how many straight guys do you think wasted time thinking “she thinks I’m old”. Probably not a one. They just thought “Yowza!”

    Lasting mutual attractions are so few and far between. Don’t let any chance dwindle away by deciding you don’t want to be called a Daddy. Marilyn sang it. Cher did too–“make love… to your daddy-daddy.” Destiny’s Child sang it as well–“Spotted me my sexy daddy daddy daddy.” Hopefully Adam Lambert will sing to Daddy soon or Ricky Martin will swoon to Papi, and we’ll just think, “Que Rico!” Until then, enjoy your own personal playlist, cuz life is for fun and way too short.

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    Dan Mryglot
    Dan Mryglot
    Dan Mryglot was born in upstate New York and raised in Massachusetts, but it wasn’t until he moved to West Hollywood that he found his home. A fitness enthusiast, he lives a healthy alcohol and drug free lifestyle in the city he loves. He’s passionate about preserving Weho’s history. Previous publishings include a bi-weekly column called "Best Boy" in Fab! Newspaper, where he wrote stories about growing up gay. Friend him on Facebook under Dan Mryglot. Follow him on Twitter under @mryglot and on Instagram under @danmryglot.
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