Council Member John Erickson Reflects on First Year of Office


WeHo Council member John Erickson looks back to one year since he took the Oath of Office to the West Hollywood City Council via social media posts:

“It’s has been one year since I took the Oath of Office to be your City Councilmember – and every single day I am moved to action by the impactful stories and realities of the people that make #WestHollywood home.

We did this together. After 25,000+ calls, 30,000+ texts, 25+ digital events, 60+ campaign emails, and 100+ endorsements from elected, appointed, and community leaders, we received 7,349 votes to win a seat on the #WeHo City Council.

Since taking the oath, I have been working to uplift and enact the policies our campaign brought to light. I wanted to highlight a few big items that we’ve implemented in the past 12 months.
I wanted to highlight a few big items that we’ve implemented in the past 12 months:
🔸We’ve focused on raising the minimum wage in West Hollywood (making it the highest in the nation).

🔸Ensuring our essential workers receive hero pay, strengthening our tenant harassment ordinance.

🔸Creating protected bike lanes on Fountain Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.

🔸Passing historic protections for hotel workers.

🔸Banning single-use plastics.

🔸Making our OutZones for our businesses permanent.

🔸Bringing back better micro-mobility options for our residents 🛴.

🔸Creating the city’s first-ever 24/7 behavioral and mental health response unit.

🔸Focusing on our Eastside needs of the city

🔸Passed the nation’s first-ever multi-stall gender-neutral bathroom ordinance.

🔸And just last night commissioning the city’s first-ever historical context study and evaluation of a reparations program.

Serving as your Councilmember this past year has been the greatest honor and responsibility of my life. This past year has shown me the power of our community – we are stronger than ever and together, we’re unstoppable and we’re just getting started.”

Councilmember John Erickson was elected to the West Hollywood City Council on November 3, 2020 with the commitment to uphold the city’s founding vision for a forward-thinking, diverse, and tolerant community.

Councilmember Erickson first planted roots in West Hollywood in 2010 when he was selected to intern for the West Hollywood City Council. The internship set him on a path that connected his work for social and economic justice with his passion for public service. He went on to become Council Deputy to former Mayor Abbe Land and then served as a staff member at West Hollywood City Hall working to advance policies, initiate programs, and increase awareness around LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, the environment, and civic engagement.

After leaving City Hall, Councilmember Erickson served as a Legislative Representative at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and is currently the Director of Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

to read his full bio, visit:

You may contact West Hollywood City Council offices via email at or by phone at (323) 848-6460.

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9 months ago

Architects of medical apartheid. It’s time to file criminal charges against this flaming trash fire and his brothel of establishment whores.

9 months ago

Is this a joke? I think if he’d speak to ANY of his constituents he’d hear that what we care about is the crime and the homeless situation. Also, how about not turning the entire place into a dispensaries but I am so happy bike lanes are sorted.

9 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

He (and Shyne) hasn’t listened since his butt got into that seat. I can’t wait to vote them out.

Last edited 9 months ago by JF!
9 months ago

How about let the public reflect. You are one of the worst things that’s happened to the city in our very short history. I made a huge mistake in voting for you I cannot wait for the day when I vote for somebody to take your seat.

Last edited 9 months ago by Enough
9 months ago

And crime and violence in West Hollywood is out of control while our homeless population has spiraled to new heights. It’s unsafe to walk that Weho streets at night. The West Hollywood Park is still not complete. Council meetings are virtual and closed to citizen attendance under the guise of Covid Protections all the while Erickson and the council dance maskless at the Abbey. Neighborhoods are littered with scooters and West Hollywood is a disaster. Stop the self congratulations Erickson. You’ve accomplished nothing to be proud about.

9 months ago
Reply to  :dpb

Spot on.