Collar & Leash Neon Dog Sign Has Been Removed from its Original Home to Become a WeHo Art Installation

Photo courtesy of the City of West Hollywood

The famous Collar & Leash neon dog sign, located at 8555, Santa Monica Boulevard, was removed from its original pedestal yesterday, Tuesday, June 24, 2020. The neon dog has been taken to Ontario California for much needed repairs in preparation to become a permanent art installation in West Hollywood.

I giant crane was seen at the former Collar & Leash pet supply parking lot yesterday. The neon dog sign was deinstalled and carefully placed in the back of a truck before it headed west down Santa Monica Boulevard. It was last seen in WeHo going south on San Vicente Boulevard.

Photo courtesy of the City of West Hollywood
Photo courtesy of the City of West Hollywood

On January 21, 2020, the City Council accepted a gift of the Collar & Leash neon dog sign from Joseph Chan and Charles Chan Massey. The neon sign was sited at the city and there are plans to conserve it very much like the Rocky & Bullwinkle sculpture that is now on display on Sunset Boulevard. The Neon dog sign will return it to a new location in the city.

Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES
West Hollywood Sign – 1988 – Photo by Alan Light

8555 Santa Monica Boulevard was home to EZTV EZTV Video Center and the parking lot once displayed the West Hollywood Sign back in the mid-80 to early 90s. EZTV was founded in 1979 by video pioneer John Dorr and a team of independent writers, actors and technicians. Way before YouTube, EZTV was creating video art and producing critically acclaimed video projects with little to no budget.

8555 Santa Monica is up for redevelopment. The space will become a five-story pedestrian oriented building with retail spaces with restaurants and cafes surrounding a landscaped open-air plaza. The second floor will feature live-work units, salon spaces and offices. Residential units will occupy a portion of the second level and the remaining three floors. In total, there will be 94 market-rate apartments and 17 units designated as affordable housing. There are 346 parking spaces planned for commercial tenants as well as residents.

Photo courtesy of the City of West Hollywood – Photo by Joshua Barash.

It is not yet known how long it will take to repair the Collar & Leash Neon Dog. Its final resting place in West Hollywood is also yet to be determined.

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1 year ago

In 1995, my husband and I were thinking of buying the little house on West Knoll, directly north of the sign and the parking lot. At the time, the sign still rotated. We stood in the backyard timing its spin and thinking, “Would that bother us?” We concluded that, “Yeah, it really kinda would.” So we didn’t get it. Still, I have always loved the sign as a symbol of Weho and a reminder of that time, and I’m glad it will get a new home.

1 year ago

I think somewhere around the dog park would be a nice fit.