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    City Recommends Cloth Face Coverings for Public Use and to Reserve Medical Masks for Healthcare Workers

    The City of West Hollywood is following Federal, State, and County guidance and recommendations that encourage community members to wear cloth face coverings when leaving the house for essential activities and to reserve medical masks for healthcare workers.

    A cloth face covering is a material that covers the nose and mouth. It can be secured to the head with ties or straps or simply wrapped around the lower face. It can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, silk, or linen. A cloth face covering may be factory-made or sewn by hand, or can be improvised from household items such as scarfs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, or towels.

    “There’s no shortage of creativity and innovation in West Hollywood, so I expect to see people come up with some fabulous homemade cloth face coverings,” said West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico. “Let’s put as much effort into making protective face coverings as we traditionally do into making our Halloween costumes each year. Follow the CDC guidelines in crafting your face coverings to make sure they’re providing safety. In doing this, we’ll help defeat the transmission of coronavirus. And please make sure you don’t stock up on medical masks or N95 masks — our medical providers need these to help keep us safe and cared for.”

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that there is some evidence to suggest that use of cloth face coverings by the public during a pandemic could help reduce disease transmission. The primary role of a face cover is to reduce the release of infectious particles into the air when someone speaks, coughs, or sneezes, including someone who has COVID-19, but feels well and is not exhibiting symptoms. Cloth face coverings are not a substitute for physical distancing and washing hands and staying home when ill, but they may be helpful when combined with these primary interventions.

    The cloth face coverings should be washed after each use with detergent and hot water and dried on a hot cycle or set out in the sun to dry. If you must re-wear your cloth face covering before washing, wash your hands immediately after putting it back on and avoid touching your face. Discard cloth face coverings that: no longer cover the nose and mouth; have stretched out or damaged ties or straps; cannot stay on the face; or have holes or tears in the fabric.

    N95 and other medical-grade masks are reserved for medical workers — it is important that they have access to the medical masks that they need to provide care while keeping themselves healthy.

    The City of West Hollywood has declared a local emergency in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and is advising community members to adhere to Los Angeles County Safer at Home and California State Stay at Home orders. The City urges everyone to stay in place, maintain your space, and cover your face. Leave home only for essential needs; always use social distancing of at least six feet; and follow guidelines to use cloth face coverings such as bandanas or scarves so that medical masks, which are in short supply, are prioritized for health professionals.

    West Hollywood City Hall is currently closed to the public and has suspended all in-person transactions. All public City buildings, playgrounds, and facilities are closed. City Hall will remain accessible for business and essential services with transactions to be conducted by phone (323) 848-6400 and via the City’s website at www.weho.org.

    The City of West Hollywood coronavirus updates are available at www.weho.org/coronavirus and the City encourages community members to follow @wehocity on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and turn on notifications for up-to-date information regarding details in the City of West Hollywood.

    To view essential-business City meetings, tune in to WeHoTV at:

    Spectrum Channel 10 (in West Hollywood)
    AT&T U-verse Channel 99 (in Southern California)
    SmartTV Apps: AndroidTV; AppleTV; FireTV; and Roku
    For notifications by email, subscribe to the City’s E-Notifications at www.weho.org/email. Visit the City’s event and meetings calendar at www.weho.org/calendar and news archive at www.weho.org/news. To receive urgent updates to your phone by text and to your email, text your ZIP code to 888-777.

    For updates and information about the current numbers of COVID-19 cases in the United States and in Los Angeles County, the spread of the virus, severity, treatments, precautions, and other important public health information in multiple languages, please visit websites for:

    Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

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