City of West Hollywood Wins LAEDC’s Most Business-Friendly City Award

LAEDC Twitter screen grab

“@WeHo City just won the 2020 @laedc Award for Most Business-Friendly City in Los Angeles County,” reads a post by council member John Erickson. “Thank you to our incredible staff and amazing business, for all that you do to keep West Hollywood great!”

Council member Erickson posted a video of showing Mayor of West Hollywood, Lauren Meister, Mayor Pro Tempore, Sepi Shyne, and council members Lindsey Horvanth and himself at the awards ceremony walking up to a stage to accept the award. The city council was joined by several members of West Hollywood staff the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

Council Member John Erickson Instagram screen grab

The City of West Hollywood was named a finalist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation’s (LAEDC) Most Business-Friendly City Award in late September. LAEDC recognizes local cities with prestigious awards each year based on the city’s population size. The awards will recognize the cities that prioritized creating the most supportive environment for business recovery, reinvention, growth, and hiring during the pandemic that cost the jobs of more than 770,000 LA County residents in the Spring of 2020

This year’s list of finalists in alphabetical order include:

  • Culver City
  • El Segundo
  • Gardena
  • Lancaster
  • Palmdale
  • Rosemead
  • Santa Clarita
  • Torrance
  • Vernon
  • West Hollywood

“This year, a record number of our county’s 88 cities submitted applications to be recognized as The Most Business-Friendly City in Los Angeles County, to demonstrate their commitments to equitable economic recovery,” said Bill Allen, President and CEO of LAEDC. “We’ve asked very detailed questions about how these cities supported existing businesses in their communities as well as new entrants from local entrepreneurs or investors new to LA County”

LAEDC also presented additional Eddy Awards that demonstrate outstanding contributions to the health and economic development in the region.

  • The Hospital Association of Southern California for its leadership on behalf of our hospital systems and their heroic employees who braved the pandemic to ensure care was provided to all those who contracted severe cases of COVID 19.
  • The Employees of Los Angeles County who supported our small businesses, residents and communities in countless ways during the crisis, through their regular roles or the special emergency assignments given to nearly 50,000 county employees.
  • The Community Colleges of Los Angeles County who continued to provide education, training and in many cases retraining for people displaced from their jobs by the pandemic.

The winning cities of the Most Business-Friendly City competition was announced live at the Eddy Awards on November 10, 2021, at Sofi Stadium.

Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) was founded in 1981 as a nonprofit, public-benefit organization to harness the power of private sector in collaboration with L.A. County, to guide economic development and create more widely shared prosperity. LAEDC collaborates with all stakeholders in the region including education, business, and government.

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10 months ago

Embarrassing. Indoor maskless event. What is the point of making people wear masks when the city’s own leaders don’t follow their own rules? The city is friendly to everyone but the businesses. Just ask the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Ask the hotel industry. Ask the small business. The gas lighting here is shameful.

10 months ago

Why would Erickson and Shyne be there to accept the award? It’s for the year of 2020 before they were in office. They might have been in office for less than a month. That’s like giving the players on this year’s Dodgers World Series rings when they won the World Series last year. (That’s baseball for those who don’t know) Shouldn’t the two John’s have been there instead? It sounds like this is an organization that you pay to join that’s only purpose is to give out awards to those who paid to join. It’s like one of those “who’s… Read more »

10 months ago

Should have gone to Culver City.

10 months ago


10 months ago

Is this the Onion? West Hollywood the most business friendly? Give me break. The city raised the highest minimum wage in the nation. The city’s policies have shut down business after business all over Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd. Imagine your a business out of business and you see these ass clowns smiling and holding an award saying they are the most business friend. The most dehumanizing is more accurate. f