City of West Hollywood to Implement All-Walk Crosswalks at LGBT Rainbow District

Crosswalks at Santa Monica and Robertson Boulevards - Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES

The city of West Hollywood is implementing all-walk crosswalks as part of the city’s ongoing citywide effort to enhance pedestrian safety. Beginning on Thursday, August 11, 2022, the “all-walk” pedestrian-only phase for the crosswalks will be at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and N. Robertson Boulevard on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.

This nighttime pedestrian-only all-walk crosswalks phase temporarily stops all vehicular traffic in all directions, which then allows pedestrians to cross traditionally or diagonally. The aim is to enhance pedestrian safety and improve traffic flow. This concept was first tested at this intersection in 2019; this re-instates a pedestrian-only phase at this intersection, which is the most pedestrian-trafficked intersection in the City during certain evening hours, accommodating up to 2,000 pedestrians per hour.

Standard traditionally phased signals at intersections are designed to offer vehicles and pedestrians the opportunity to move together in the same direction at the same time. Potential conflicts may arise when there is a high volume of vehicular traffic making left or right turns, which means that cars are able to pass through pedestrian crossings during green walk signals (though drivers of cars are always mandated to yield to pedestrians in accordance with state law).

The City of West Hollywood, in developing a nighttime pedestrian-only phase for the crosswalks at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and N. Robertson Boulevard, seeks to add an additional layer of pedestrian safety by eliminating all vehicle movement at the intersection at the times that pedestrian volume is the highest. During the day and on lower-volume nights when the intersection has a lower pedestrian count, the intersection will function with standard traditionally phased signals, which will offer longer periods of green lights for vehicles to ensure maximum traffic flow at commute hours, while still regarding pedestrian safety.

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1 month ago

This crosswalk method is in use at the intersection on Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave.It gets all pedestrian traffic safely moving without autos being involved.

I agree the concept should be used at Santa Monica Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd. as well.

1 month ago

Good idea. They should do this at Santa Monica & San Vicente as well.