City of West Hollywood is Proposing Installation of Neon Dog at William S. Hart Park Dog Park

Photo courtesy of the City of West Hollywood – Photo by Joshua Barash.

At an upcoming City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission Regular Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 1:3p p.m., the City of West Hollywood is proposing the Neon Dog project for installation at William S. Hart Park & Off Leash Dog Park, a property leased by the City of West Hollywood, owned by the City of Los Angeles. The proposed cost is $100,000.

The Neon Dog is a reconditioned, electrically rotating neon sign in the shape of a dog (10’6” high, 10’9” at its widest), and part of the City of West Hollywood’s Urban Art collection. The proposed project includes the installation of the Neon Dog atop a 12’-tall vertical support pole (with corresponding structural foundation and electrical connections) at the Park’s Sunset Boulevard entrance located between North Kings Road and North Sweetzer Avenue.

West Hollywood Neon Dog – Photo by Paulo Murillo
Neon Dog Photo courtesy of the City of West Hollywood

The famous Collar & Leash neon dog sign was originally located at 8555, Santa Monica Boulevard. A crane removed it from the Collar & Leash parking lot on Tuesday, June 24, 2020. It was deinstalled and carefully placed in the back of a truck and was taken to Ontario California for much needed repairs in preparation to become a permanent art installation in West Hollywood.

On January 21, 2020, the City Council accepted a gift of the Collar & Leash neon dog sign from Joseph Chan and Charles Chan Massey. The neon sign was sited at the city and there are plans to conserve it very much like the Rocky & Bullwinkle sculpture that is now on display on Sunset Boulevard. The Neon dog sign will return it to a new location in the city.

William S. Hart Park & Off Leash Dog Park is a fenced-in park between Sunset Boulevard and De Longpre that allows dogs to play off-leash in a tree-lined space with mulch on the ground, located at 8341 De Longpre Ave, West Hollywood.

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Tom Smart
Tom Smart
18 days ago

I know 100k can get put to a better use. Stop the madness