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    City of West Hollywood Expresses Outrage Over Mass Shooting at Club Q in Colorado

    The City of West Hollywood is expressing outrage and sadness at this weekend’s deadly mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub, Club Q, in Colorado Springs, Colorado in which at least five people have been killed and 18 people have been injured. The City has lowered its flags to half-staff in remembrance of the lives lost in the mass shooting.

    The City of West Hollywood is working with the West Hollywood Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Block by Block Security Ambassadors program to expand patrols in the City’s Rainbow District. If you see something, say something: anyone with safety concerns is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Station 24/7 at (310) 855-8850 or, in an emergency, always call 911.

    “I’m horrified by the news of the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs,” said City of West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister. “The LGBTQ community, is, once again, being targeted. West Hollywood is a safe haven for LGBTQ people and we are committed to protecting our residents, businesses, and visitors. Sadly, mass shootings have become a reality in this country and we are working with our law enforcement and our businesses to heighten awareness and increase preparedness to ensure the safety of our community. Public safety must be our number-one priority. With haters emboldened by national politics and antiquated gun policies, the City must remain steadfast in its commitment to protect its LGBTQ community and LGBTQ rights. My thoughts today turn to the families, friends, and loved ones of the victims.”

    “I woke up to the awful news of another mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Sepi Shyne. “Five members of our community were killed and others were injured in Colorado Springs at Club Q. My heart goes out to their families. I feel so sad for the hate that our community continues to endure. West Hollywood stands united against hate and gun violence.”

    “As Americans, we are all sickened by this attack,” said Councilmember John D’Amico. And instinctively we know that until sensible gun legislation and gun ownership regulations are in place these acts of domestic terror will not end.”

    “My heart is broken for the victims and their families of the horrific attack in Colorado Springs on the eve Transgender Day of Remembrance,” said Councilmember John M. Erickson. “We can draw direct lines from the growing hatred and vile rhetoric about #LGBTQ people spread by extremists as the direct cause for this attack. I’m sending all my love to those individuals that put their bodies on the line to subdue the gunman and praying for everyone involved.”

    “My heart breaks at the news of another senseless shooting, once again targeting our LGBTQ family, this time in Colorado Springs,” said Councilmember Lindsey P. Horvath. “We must act boldly and with courage to root out hate and protect our community members, and to take on a culture that allows gun violence to ravage our country. The City of West Hollywood is taking action to evaluate whether any credible threats exist as a result of this senseless shooting, and to protect our community members at all times. Please contact the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station to report any concerns.”

    News of the Club Q mass shooting comes as the City of West Hollywood and its Transgender Advisory Board recognize November as Transgender Awareness Month, and as the City prepares to host an in-person Transgender Day of Remembrance Ceremony today featuring a reading of names to memorialize people who have been murdered as a result of anti-transgender violence.

    This weekend’s mass shooting, for many in the LGBTQ community, carries echoes of the June 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead, 68 people injured, and countless other lives affected. That shooting became known as the site of the deadliest mass shooting in US history, as well as the deadliest incident of violence against LGBTQ people in the nation.

    There will be a candlelight vigil happening this evening for the victims. The vigil is starting at the West Hollywood Rainbow Crosswalk at the southwest corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard (In front of Rocco’s WeHo at 8900 Santa Monica Blvd.), at 5pm. Supporters are encouraged to bring candles.

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