City Makes Official Statement on Recent Anti-Vaccine Protests in WeHo

Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES

The City of West Hollywood released an official statement on the anti-vaccine protests that have been taking place in West Hollywood, specifically at Harlowe restaurant and most recently at The Abbey Food and Bar this past weekend.

Read the statement below:

“For more than two weeks, there have been regular gatherings of protestors in the City of West Hollywood who seek to draw attention to their disapproval of health protocols related to COVID-19. These protests have targeted specific businesses in our City, such as medical offices and restaurants.

At this time, there is a County-level Public Health order, which establishes a mask requirement for indoor public settings. Organizations and businesses in West Hollywood must adhere to enforcement of such orders for the use of masks in indoor public settings, except while patrons are eating or drinking.

Additionally, a growing number of bars, restaurants, and clubs in our City have taken an added step to require evidence of full COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test as a condition of entry and service. This is within their rights and the City of West Hollywood applauds these efforts.

The City of West Hollywood stands by our businesses as they work to do everything in their power to protect the health of staff, customers, and community members as rates of transmission of the COVID-19 Delta variant rise in the nation and in our region.

The City of West Hollywood embraces the exercise of first amendment rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech and it welcomes those who choose to voice their dissent and gather here. The City of West Hollywood is working, each day, with the West Hollywood Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to ensure assemblies are peaceful. When there may be substantial threats to public safety, a gathering may be declared unlawful in order to protect people and property.

We are aware that enforcing COVID-19 safeguards has been a challenge in our local businesses and that, at times, there have been concerns about personal safety for staff and patrons of our local businesses. Any such concerns should immediately be communicated to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

We affirm the tireless efforts and deep commitment of our businesses and residents as we collectively work to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Our message to people who live, work, and play in West Hollywood: mask up, get vaccinated, stay safe.”

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1 year ago

I’m going to file this under the category of a nothing burger. The city supports businesses. Ground breaking.

1 year ago

We should tape off their protest zones with biohazard tape and equip officers enforcing them with full safety gear. Let’s send the right message as to the danger these people represent.

Dawn Lacey
Dawn Lacey
1 year ago
Reply to  TheRealZam

We should’ve done the same to the BLM movement when they destroyed the city.

1 year ago

And say it again!!! And again. Now get these idiots off the street. They are a health hazard.

Last edited 1 year ago by :dpb
1 year ago
Reply to  :dpb

If only you cared so much to get the vagrants off the street, too! They are (and have been) a health hazard as they parade down the street maskless, often confronting and verbally accosting people. They piss in doorways, shit in the street, and leave needles places….but you are probably that spineless little cuck that looks the other way and pretends they aren’t ruining the quality of life in this city.