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    ‘Chico’s Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas’ Opens at the Cavern Club Theatre

    Spring has sprung and so has “Chico’s Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas,” now playing at the Cavern Club Theatre in Silverlake.

    Join the adventures of Kay Sedia (the pretty one); Chita Parol (the smart one) and Fredia Laye (the “friendly” one) as they ride the high seas and take on a case on The Love Boat to find out who is trying to kill super-star Charo.

    After one of Charo’s back-up dancers is shot mid-performance, Charo realizes she is the killer’s intended target. Charo hires Chico’s Angels to find the wannabe-assassin and save her ocean-going career.

    Kay goes undercover as Charo, (Fortunately, she is the spitting image of the Spanish classical guitarist) with Chita in tow, as her choreographer/manager (Chita has seen A Chorus Line 32 times…at the East LA Quienceanera Palace/cafetorium). Frieda joins the crew as the new Cruise director (cruising is one of her off-duty specialties.) Finally, Bossman provides back up, undercover as Isaac, your bartender (Bar…enough said).

    Chico’s Angels discover almost everyone on board has a motive for killing Charo. They also discover themselves being entranced by the Love Boat’s charm as Kay risks blowing her cover to be with her dance partner, while Frieda finds herself inexplicably drawn to retiree passenger, Ruth Bliss, and Chita tries resist the hypnotic effect of the combination of Bossman, a full moon and a bottle of tequila.

    Can’t get enough of Chico’s Angels? Check out their website at www.chicosangels.com. On the website one can find everything about these captivating detectives. The heavenly website contains Angel bios, hot videos and on-fire merchandise.

    The show features three beautiful and comedic Latina drag queens as the leads: Kay Sedia, Chita Parol & Frieda Laye – Who work for pennies for their unseen boss. Think a Latino drag queen/three stooges version of the 70s series, Charlie’s Angels. These Latina sex goddess have been an underground cult hit in Los Angeles with their stage version of the series for the last seven years. They have also performed in Las Vegas and San Diego.

    Chico’s Angels 24ish mini-episode has toured the country in over twenty film festivals. 24ish was nominated for best short in the San Francisco GLBT Film Festival, Frameline34. The Angels were also nominated for a Weho Award.

    Chico’s Angels have graced the covers of The Fight, Adelante, Frontiers and Gay San Diego. They have been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Style Network, E! Network; KTLA Morning News, San Diego Fox News; KCPP; Sheena Metals Show; Frank Decaro; Sirius Radio; The Baub Show; Examiner.com; Frontiers; Instinct; Advocate.com; Edge.com; Towerland.com; TMZ. They have hosted many charity events as well as The Cybersocket Awards, the Switch Hitters Ball; Best in Drag Show; Los Angeles Gay Pride; San Diego Pride. They have also performed their stage show at The Onyx Theater in Las Vegas and The Diversionary Theater in San Diego.

    Chico’s Angels: Love Boat Chicas is directed by Kurt Koehler. The show was co-created and co-written by Oscar Quintero and Kurt Koehler.

    Dates: March 29 – April 8, 2018

    Show Run: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Thursday March 29 – 8pm
    Friday , March 30 – 9pm
    Saturday, March 31 – 9pm
    Wednesday, April 4 – 8pm
    Thursday, April 5 – 8pm
    Friday & Saturday, April 6-7 – 9pm
    Sunday April 8, 2pm & 7pm

    Cavern Club Theater inside
    Casita Del Campo Restaurant
    1920 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles (Silverlake), CA 90027
    Tickets sold at: www.chicosangels.com


    Kay Sedia: Kay Sedia was born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, the youngest of 18 children and the prettiest of them all. So pretty, in fact: she won the title and crown of Miss Tijuana Natural Springs Water, “The water that springs right thru you”. One of her duties as Miss Tijuana Springs was a self-guided, one-woman boat tour of the Pacific Ocean via San Diego. Thought to be dead and lost at sea, Kay emerged back into the border spotlight. It was the charity she founded, “Save the Donkeys,” which let her hometown know that she was O-Kay! She soon became romantically involved with her hunky arresting immigration officer. To prove her love to him, she joined the police academy… and failed. She then turned to high fashion modeling where she could make lots of money using her stylish good looks and charming personality. She had huge success with modeling girdles in The Penny Saver Magazine. After being spotted there she was asked to join the crime-fighting trio Chico’s Angels. Kay moonlights and makes a modest living selling Tupperware (www.kaysedia.com) to helpless homemakers, maybe you saw her trying to help those “The Real Housewives of Orange County” (season 5 episode 9) . Kay lives her life as a Detective/Model/Tupperware Sales Lady, but is the most voluptuous and the pretty Angel of all times. (expect maybe Jaclyn Smith)

    Chita Parol: She was born in East Los Angeles, California as a first generation Mexican/American. As the smart one, and angry about it, Chita keeps focused on the job, except for those small moments, far and in between, where she gets to shine. She never seems to get the guy, mainly due to her anger management issues. She’s working on that, and getting better. Now she only hates everyone just a little bit. Chita fancies herself the pretty one.

    Frieda Laye: Frieda was born in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. Frieda was left under the door mat of the convent of Las Hermanas de la Madre Guadalupe de los Chavos. She realized that her destiny was to use her special slutting abilities to fight crime as one of Chico’s Angels….and supplement her income as a private dancer. Frieda is proud to be one of Chico’s Angels, and while she may not have the brightest halo, it is the blondest.

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