There’s a Brazilian Takeover Coming to Beaches WeHo for WeHo Pride

Leopond Nunan

Beaches WeHo is celebrating West Hollywood’s inaugural Weho Pride 2022 with diversity, inclusion, and a Brazilian takeover, featuring five ticketed events throughout the weekend, beginning on Friday, June 3, 2022 to kickoff WeHo Pride.

The party will feature a large outdoor pop-up stage at the Koontz Hardware parking garage adjacent to Beaches WeHo. The weekend will include voguing, drag performances, a drag brunch, a tribal pride luau, an evening outdoor dance party, and a Brazilian t-dance.

Brazil’s own queer artist, Leopold Nunan, will be curating the BRAZILAIN T-DANCE grand finale bash on Sunday June 5th. The Carnaval-style party will be hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew member, Bruno Alcantara (also from Brazil), and will headline two LGBTQIA+ Brazilian stars: RuPaul’s Queen of the Universe winner Grag Queen and New York’s drag diva Pietra Parker. The celebration will merge Brazilian culture with the WeHo party scene to bring live dance music, Brazilian drummers, colorful Samba Dancers, and epic performances.

“It’s going to be a wild ride with all day attractions and an incredible festival line up. We will be wrapping up the last day of Weho Pride like a true electronic Carnaval party,” says Leopold.

Also look for Beaches Weho at Sunday’s WeHo Pride Parade with a float sponsored by Guess Jeans kicking off June 5h. The float will ferry a variety of LGBTQIA+ performance artists, dancers, and influencers, and will be escorted by a group of live drummers from Tropibloco’s School Of Samba, including Rio’s Carnaval diva Joany Macias as the float’s Carnaval Queen.

Leopold says Brazil’s culture and talent has been booming and exporting LGBTQIA+ talents. From the success of global music artist, Anitta, the hits and memorable shows by drag extraordinaire, Pabblo Vittar, to the reining queen of RuPaul’s Queen of Universe Drag, Grag Queen, Brazil is making its presence known in the arts.

“Unfortunately, Brazil’s current president represents the extreme right wing and is openly homophobic,” he added. “Although most of Brazil’s federal funding for the arts was unfairly halted or extinguished, queer Brazilian artists have been rising to stardom through music, expression, and sheer talent. The explosion of queer talent in the country shows how resilient Brazil truly is.”

For more information or to purchase tickets to the Brazilian takeover at Beaches WeHo, visit:

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1 month ago

For more information or to purchase tickets to the Brazilian takeover at Micky’s WeHo, visit:


Paulo Murillo
1 month ago
Reply to  TomSmart

You’re so right. Thanks.