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This blog is sponsored content provided by My 12 Step Store, located at 8730 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood CA, 90069 - (310) 623-1702. The store offers recovery gifts, inspirational books, chips and medallions for all 12-step programs. To learn more visit my12stepstore.com
When a person is recovering from addiction, giving back to the community and helping others can be great in the healing process. Practical experience has shown that nothing will so much ensure success with addiction, as intensive work with...
No dating in early sobriety! We’ve all heard it a thousand times. At least not within that first year. When I completely surrendered to that idea, that’s when she entered my life. Actually, she walked into my Saturday afternoon...
A Cinco de Mayo party may feel like one of those events or activities that someone sober feels they simply need to skip in order to stick to recovery goals, but the following alcohol-free "mocktails" may have you thinking...
They say the odds are good, but the goods are odd when dating in recovery. Dating in general can be challenging, but if you are clean, sober, or abstinent, there can be twists and turns in the sober dating pool....
Being Addicted to success. Is it really such a bad thing? We don't think so. When you’re taking steps toward leading a sober life or you find yourself recovering from any negative addiction, having an addiction to success can work...
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