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    ART-TEASE to Unveil Erotic Art and Fashion, at Circus of Books During Pride Season

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    In a dazzling display of creativity and boldness, ART-TEASE is set to unveil an exhibition of erotic art and fashion at the iconic Circus of Books, just in time for Pride Season. This showcase, running from May 25th to June 30th, aims to celebrate and honor the vibrant LGBTQ+ community with visual art.

    There will be an opening reception on Thursday, May 23, 2024, starting at 7:00 p.m. at The Circus of Books Gallery West, located at 8230 Santa Monica Blvd. The opening night event will feature live performances, interactive installations, and appearances by some of the featured artists. The exhibition will feature works by ChadMichael Morrisette, VAGHO, Christopher Garcia, Kevin Cortez, Sylvio Hooper, Eric Scot, Sküt, with music by DJ V.E.G.

    Artwork by Sküt 

    Attendees can expect a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere that embodies the spirit of Pride. ART-TEASE encourages everyone to join in the celebration and embrace the provocative, transformative power of erotic art and fashion.

    “I was brought on board by Circus for books to curate an art show that was pride related, Mito curator and West Hollywood Commissioner Mito Aviles told WEHO TIMES. “Knowing that circus of books is a world class destination, and they’ve been so famous for what they do, I wanted to go ahead and embrace that. So we came up with an elevated erotic experience of fashion. music, visual display, photography and fine art.

    Aviles says that that the exhibition will be all immerse and the back area by artist SKUT will be pride related and all encompassing. “So you’ll get a sensory sort of experience. Then you’re gonna go ahead and get your visuals going, you’re gonna see what you want to get out of what’s there. It’s going to be fantastic.”

    Artwork by Sküt

    Circus of Books, a historic LGBTQ+ landmark, provides the perfect backdrop for this audacious event. Known for its rich cultural heritage and support of the LGBTQ+ community, the bookstore and gallery space has long been a haven for artistic expression and activism. The venue’s unique ambiance will enhance the immersive experience, inviting attendees to explore the intimate and often taboo themes presented in the artwork and fashion.

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    Paulo Murillo
    Paulo Murillohttps://wehotimes.com
    Paulo Murillo is Editor in Chief and Publisher of WEHO TIMES. He brings over 20 years of experience as a columnist, reporter, and photo journalist. Murillo began his professional writing career as the author of “Love Ya, Mean It,” an irreverent and sometimes controversial West Hollywood lifestyle column for FAB! newspaper. His work has appeared in numerous print and online publications, which include the “Hot Topic” column in Frontiers magazine, where he covered breaking news and local events in West Hollywood. He can be reached at [email protected]
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