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    Antisemitic Flyers Land in West Hollywood During Passover

    Community members reported finding antisemitic flyers throughout West Hollywood’s eastside this past weekend while community members celebrated Passover. The leaflets were stuffed in ziplock bags with messages blaming Jewish people for Russia’s war on Ukraine, stating “every single aspect of the Ukraine-Russian war is Jewish…”

    “This Saturday I was alerted to leaflets in the eastside that were antisemitic and hateful in nature,” said West Hollywood council member John Erickson at the regular council meeting on Monday, April 18, 2022. “I want to thank members of the community who brought that up to me. I want to remind members of the community to please report to the sheriff’s station if you see the little plastic bags with horrifically antisemitic messages–especially during passover.”

    Council member Erickson said that the leaflets were also found in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. He shared a photo of the leaflets on his Instagram account.

    A WEHO TIMES reader also found a swastika this weekend that was graffitied on the sidewalk at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Westbourne Drive. It was still up as of late Sunday night. The Nazi symbol was also brought to council member Erickson’s attention, who then asked West Hollywood Sheriff’s for an update on how they are handling antisemitism in West Hollywood.

    Anti-simetic graffiti on Santa Monica Blvd and Westbourne Drive

    “It will be great to make sure our Sheriff’s are doing and responding to an item that was passed by this council unanimously to protect Jewish members of our community as well as to make sure that it is proactive,” he said. “I haven’t heard any updates on that and then we have an act of–in my opinion–violence on the Jewish community, no matter if it’s a leaflet or not, the hatred is not welcome in West Hollywood, so I would love an update on how that is being handled.”

    Acting Captain Bill Moulder was not present at the meeting to give an update, but City Manager David Wilson stated that the West Hollywood Sheriff’s have a meeting with Jewish community members this coming Friday and and update would follow that meeting.

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