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    Anthony Pino’s @pinobydesign: WHAT THE TUCK?!?!

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    To tuck, or not to tuck? That is the question. No, This isn’t a Rupaul’s Drag Race special. I am talking about the traditional meaning of tuck. It came to my attention as I was helping a friend pack for her European tour, that most people just throw on a shirt and go. Just because you have a cute shirt on doesn’t mean it’s cute. It’s the way that you wear it that makes it so. You need to do more than just throw it on. When you take the time to actually do something so simple as tucking a shirt, it changes the ensemble entirely. One shirt can create so many different looks just from tucking. So stop being lazy and learn some tucks that aren’t on a runway.

    To prove my theory, I complied several different looks to show you… What a difference… A tuck makes.. I literally just sang that to the tune of “What a difference, a day makes.”

    The Loose Tuck – It’s flattering and forgiving, it’ll help to conceal those donuts you had at midnight, or that club dog you had after drinking too much and decided it was a good idea. Just as a side note, you do know those venders are aware that the smell of that sizzling bacon will entice even the most devoted of drunk vegans. I digress, you’ll feel less self conscious with this tuck, and still put together

    The Tight Tuck – Slimming and sleek, you’ll not only feel put together but it’s also a very chic tuck. It shows your confident and know who you are, and of course really shows of that gym body, or pizza body, whatever. The point is, it says “I know who I am.” This really is the most presentable way to impress a future employer or In-laws.

    The Front Tuck – You like comfort and style, this is a great way to be casually stylish. It shows that you care about your appearance but you don’t take yourself too seriously. Professional in the front and party in the back. It’ll also help if you’re self conscious about that cake you’ve got baking, although I’m always proud to show these wedding cakes off. Momma gave me that good denim.


    The Back Tuck – If the back of a shirt has a hem thats a little too long that you want to conceal, or you just want to show off your Kim Kardashian Junky Trunk, this is a good way to do it. Leaving the front out can do a lot of camouflaging for you too. It’ll act as camouflage for that muffin starting to topple over, or that moose knuckle you’re sporting, its broad daylight and there are children around.

    The Half Tuck – This can be a cute discrete way to show off the detailing on a belt or the buttons on a cute a pair of denim. This is definitely more a “style enthusiast” look. This look will secure a seat at the cools kids table, just remember, on Wednesdays we wear pink. I’ve found that this looks best with printed shirts, It really helps to show the full print from shoulders to waist. The shirt should remain buttoned almost all the way down, and slightly untucked where the shirt meets the belt.

    The Mid-Tight, Loose Side Tuck – So now we know this today as the “French Tuck” thanks to Tan from Queer Eye who coined the term. Let me add this little nugget of gold by saying, this is perfect for those of us who are Tom Cruise’s Height. You know the vertically changed people. This will help to elongate your legs and create the illusion of being as tall as Giselle, okay it’s not going to do that much, but it’ll help. It’ll make you appear leaner and longer. This is my favorite way to wear a T-shirt. It looks effortlessly chic.

    The Non-Tuck – Now this can go real wrong, real quick. So I’ve found that the best way to not look like you just rolled out of bed in your boyfriends shirt is to not have the shirt be obscenely oversized. If you decide to wear your shirt out, make sure its more of a fitted shirt and not longer than your mid thigh. It always makes me feel frumpy and bumpy if the shirt is too big, and hanging out. Also, Make sure its not a schmedium. It shouldn’t look like a dress over your jeans either. IT should have some movement to it when you walk but not dimple at your bellybutton.

    So the next time you pick out a shirt, think: How will I wear this, tucked or untucked? I hope this helps in expanding the way you wear your clothes in the future. Shake it up and show people you know what the TUCK you’re doing. Remember, it can take a day look into a night look, so use it to its full extent. Happy tucking!

    Join me on my style travels on instagram under the insta handle: @pinobydesign.

    Anthony Pino

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    Anthony Pino
    Anthony Pino
    At an early age, Anthony Pino was introduced to fashion and style as a model for department stores and clothing brands. His mother was very influential in his early exposure to expression and creativity, making costumes for halloween, and always dressing him like her living Cabbage Patch doll (yes he’s that old) for outings. Those experiences would continue to inspire his creativity and expression through style. The ability to see an article of clothing or accessory and build an entire outfit around it is what he finds exciting. He considers himself a chameleon of style, using his unique eye to change any piece into something fantastic. In his search for stylish goods, Pino does not conform to the normative gender roles. Both men’s and women’s fashion are game. When he finds something that catches his eye, he immediately has a vision for it. The world is his stage and that's exactly how he sees it when he steps out the door. He also styles and does personal shopping for his clients. Follow Anthony Pino's personal style diary on Instagram under the handle @pinobydesign.
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