West Hollywood is thriving with an unprecedented explosion of interest and desirability. Demand is at an all-time high and the desire to experience our vibrant urban village has never been greater.  WeHo is a mecca for millions of tourists visiting each year. Every weekend tens of thousands of revelers come to shop, party and play on Melrose, Santa Monica Boulevard, and the legendary Sunset Strip. Hundreds of thousands flock to our annual LA PRIDE and renown Halloween celebrations. Founded in 1984 on tenants’ rights and diversity, West Hollywood’s long-time residents are passionate about the quality of life in their city.

Today, West Hollywood is welcoming a new generation of young adults and families lured by the climate and culture that is uniquely WeHo, a place where everyone is accepted. With less than 40,000 residents and a geography of 1.89 miles, WeHo is a “Small City with a Global Impact!” We love West Hollywood and with so much growth and change comes a need for more sources to discover and promote what’s happening in our increasingly dynamic city.

That’s where WEHO TIMES comes in. Our goal is to offer readers different perspectives and more ways to celebrate the lifestyle that is West Hollywood. Go to wehotimes.com to find stories on everything from WeHo News, Politics, Opinions & Gay LA to the hottest new restaurants, bars and clubs along with reviews, sightings, gossip and tips on great happy hours, sales and design.

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