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    HomeNewsA Traffic Collision Overturns Vehicle on Santa Monica Blvd

    A Traffic Collision Overturns Vehicle on Santa Monica Blvd

    Yet another traffic collision caused a car to overturn in the City of West Hollywood this month, this time on Santa Monica Boulevard, between Curson Avenue and Gardner Street, on the south side of the street. The incident occurred around 4 p.m. on Friday, April 22, 2022. West Hollywood Sheriffs and Los Angeles County Fire Department were on the scene.

    According to witnesses the driver was still inside the vehicle when Fire and WeHo Sheriffs arrived. Videos posted on the Citizen app show a single driver being inspected for injuries. The person was sitting upright and appeared to be disoriented. Injuries are not yet known.

    LASD West Hollywood alerted community members to take an alternate route and to expect delays.

    Traffic collision via LASD West Hollywood @whlasd Twitter screen grab
    Traffic collision via Citizen app screen grab

    West Hollywood Sheriff’s posted the following on their social media:

    “Please avoid Santa Monica Blvd between Curson Ave & Gardner St in #WeHo,” reads a message on LASD WeHo’s social media platforms. “We responded to a two vehicle traffic collision investigation, where one vehicle was overturned. Use alternate routes and expect delays on SMB, thank you for your patience!”

    Details on the accident are not yet know, but this is one of several vehicular collisions where a vehicle overturns in the City of West Hollywood this past month, including an overturned vehicle on Sunset Boulevard and a Toyota RAV4 that flipped over on Santa Monica Boulevard by the Westbourne Drive intersection.

    That latter incident occurred Sunday Morning at roughly 1:30 a.m. on April 10th. The car crash resulted in a traffic jam on Santa Monica Boulevard. “The driver crawled out of the window and was sitting on the curb and was fine,” Witness Bobby Trendy told WEHO TIMES. “That was a Toyota RAV4, so it look like the car was a well-built car because the roof stayed intact with the weight of the car on top of it.”

    The man in that accident suffered minor injuries.

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    Josh Kurpies
    Josh Kurpies
    9 months ago

    Were any citations issued? It seems to me someone would need to be traveling at an unsafe speed for a vehicle to roll over. We need enforcement of traffic laws. (not enforcement the items the Council has passed motions about, enforcement of speeding, not yielding to pedestrians, running stop lights, violating the 3-foot rule of cyclists, etc). If we have to deal with the disproportionate number of cars traveling through our City, we she should require they do so safely and respectfully, otherwise we should reap the financial benefit of issuing the citations.

    Angry Gay Pope
    Angry Gay Pope
    9 months ago

    How can you possibly go fast enough on SMB at 4 pm to flip a vehicle? Once again this town is turning into Grand Theft Auto V the video game. The nation is too of course. We are a parody of a video game parody. And that is sad.

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